Tips about Colour Vol.2

Colour Psychology.

Colour is a main factor considering the appearance and dynamics of a space. It creates a warm atmosphere and is a basic element of decoration. A successful colouring makes rooms more vivid and everyday interaction more pleasant.


Black stands for submission and prestige, symbolizes something rare, extinct, something still. It’s the soundless colour. It has the ability to make rooms look smaller, so it’d be wiser to use it on specific details you’d love to highlight. It matches every other colour but yet silver, gold and white are its best friends. It is suitable for almost all purpose spaces as long as it is restricted on small surfaces. By using black the right way you can accomplish a space that looks elegant, cosmopolitan and mysterious.


Purple is about surprise and magic. Stands for lordship, romance, fantasy and philosophy. It is a rather modern colour that boosts focus and creativity while helping the eyes relax. It is suggested to use purple in relaxation rooms, libraries and show rooms. It matches both light and dark palettes.


White is the colour of purity, protection and neatness. The colour of simple, pure and balanced feelings. White is more pleasant when in combination with another light colour. Pure white is intense so avoid matching it with vivid shades (red, yellow etc). It’s neutrality though makes it suitable for every room.


Earth-like colours are the ones that make you feel warmth and more “like home”. Brown stands for trust and cooperation. It is a quiet colour, peaceful and relaxing. It is the best choice for a living room and every room families spend a lot of time in. Best match with light blue, purple and red.



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